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Professor Elena Cedrola


We lead all our students to the acquisition of the necessary economical and managerial expertise to find the job they aspire to right after graduation.


Science, meaning promoting study and scientific research, through a precise focus on study plan composition, in order to guarantee quality, academic excellence and osmotic contact with the scientific community.

Ethics, meaning students’ cultural growth, constantly respecting universal values, being open to cultural diversity, and respecting differences, in order to build active and conscious citizens.

Society, meaning educating professionals that are able to perfectly integrate into the jobs market and to meet the needs of social development, both nationally and internationally, by hiring highly qualified professors. Within the social role the Department plays, processes of mutual aggregation take place among professors, students, technical-administrative staff, citizenry, institutions and economic operators.

They materialize  through the programmes, the organisation and the coordination of cultural, scientific and social initiatives, both on national and international levels, envisaging a fusion of roles and collaboration among equals.